Outlets For Humor on The Internet

We all need a little laughter in our lives and it helps to know where we can go to get it.

Because most of our interaction is done on social networking sites we can also use them to find some humor. Believe it or not there are actually a lot of websites out there that post funny stuff like: cartoons, jokes, stories and other things. There are places you can go to complain about your current or ex, and places you can go to see funny pictures.

These sites have so much funny stuff you can look up while you're sitting around bored, Aladdin138 and they are all accessible from your cell phone. So make sure not the party downer and have something interesting to talk about. It can be short videos, it can be a funny picture, or even a story that is really funny, whatever it is you can access it online or post some of your own. We use the internet for so many things, so why not use it for some humor once and for all?

One of the hardest things to admit about the social networking sites is that some times we cannot be expressive or really shoot our ideas out there or even vent because of the fear of what will be noticed.

You can't say how much you hate your job if your boss or a few coworkers are friends with you online. You can't complain about how stupid your boyfriend is online if he's your friend so where do you go? You can say stuff to other people to try and vent but really that doesn't work because sooner or later they are going to tell the person you were venting about.

Sometimes our funniest moments, are most entertaining rants come when we are talking to a complete stranger. Sometimes we benefit from having the opinion of someone we never met.

That's why you get with these websites where people post some funny shit.

It would be nice to have a website you can go to and look up funny shit other people have posted and see what there is to talk about. You would be surprised the relief it can bring to some ones day reading about someone else complaining and ranting about something.

Half the television shows that exist today are about people talking about what they see on the internet, so go to the source.

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