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In 1998, Rösner, who now lived as a freelance sculptor, won the Art am Brombachsee design competitors and since 2000 his lizard figure, a concrete cast primarily based on a wood template, has been on display on the southern financial institution of the Kleiner Brombachsee. Large parts of the Kleiner Brombachsee, a receiving water of the Großer Brombachsee, lie within the panorama protection space. The nearly one and a half hectare Shepherd Island is positioned near the southern shore of the lake. With a length of 210 meters and a maximum width of 80 meters, it has an space of ​​around 1.4 hectares. At the locks on the south ramp of the primary-Danube Canal – Kelheim, Riedenburg, Dietfurt, Berching and Bachhausen – pumping stations with a delivery capability of 35 m³/s are put in, which serve each to produce the canal with water and to switch it. The consequence of this years-long delay in needed building work is an increasing deterioration in the state of preservation of numerous university properties. Not least due to the still poor state of preservation of FAU's inside-city properties and the lack of house that has arisen over the previous few decades, the university management and the Bavarian state authorities are planning to completely relocate and merge the College of Philosophy (with its amenities in Nuremberg) in the medium to long run Siemens buildings nonetheless to be acquired in downtown Erlangen. The previous grinding and sawmill with its three water wheels was changed by the Bavarian state throughout the development of the Kleiner Brombachsee and demolished in 1986.

Seven hundred m from the western shore of the Kleiner Brombachsee. The Steckelesgraben, like its upper reaches, is a meandering ditch that runs close to the dam on the northwest side of the Altmühlsee for greater than its last kilometer and covers the 5-6 km² of the Altmühlaue, which is very vast here, between the Altmühlzuleiter within the southwest, the Altmühllauf within the north, this and that Drained by the Nesselbachzuleiter within the east and the Altmühlsee within the southeast. Operations were relocated to the newly constructed Furthmühle approximately 1 kilometer to the west, which has since been operated as a sawmill. The wasteland is situated in the Franconian Lake District, 1.5 kilometers southwest of Pleinfeld on the edge of a forest. The Brombachsee Marathon started at the Großer Brombachsee and ended in Pleinfeld. The so-called Brombach transfer of water from the Altmühlsee, through the Altmühlüberleiter and the Kleiner and Großer Brombachsee, has since then contributed around a sixth of the Danube-Important transfer with as much as 25 million m³ per yr. The lizard (concrete cast after wooden, sawn, erected in 1999/2000) is situated on the southern bank of the Kleiner Brombachsee near the dam between the Kleiner Brombachsee and the Großer Brombachsee.

Angerhof is part of the municipality of the Absberg market in the Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen district (Middle Franconia, Bavaria). Before the municipal reform, a part of the municipality of Stirn, Prexelmühle was integrated into Pleinfeld together with its major city on July 1, 1972. For the same purpose, the Brombachsee, a trimaran whose structure and construction is exclusive in Europe, operates in the summer months on the Großer Brombachsee between the Ramsberg, Absberg, Enderndorf, Allmannsdorf and Pleinfeld jetties. As will be seen from a document from 1612, the Fraisch was disputed between the Teutonic Order and the Margravial Ansbach Workplace of Gunzenhausen. The bailiwick inside Ettern is looked after by the Teutonic Order in Ellingen, whereas the bailiwick outside of Ettern and the high Fraisch are actually clearly margravial property and belong to the Oberamt Gunzenhausen. From 1808 onwards it belonged to the Absberg tax district in the Gunzenhausen district court docket/rent workplace and from 1811 to the Enderndorf rural group. By the municipal edict of 1818, Ramsberg, Birkenmühle, Langweidmüehle and Öfeleinsmühle were merged to type the rural community of Ramsberg. At the top of the Outdated Kingdom, the Furthmühle with the former Principality of Ansbach passed to the brand new Kingdom of Bavaria because of the Reich Deputation Essential Conclusion in 1806, where the wasteland turned part of the tax district within the district courtroom/rent office of Gunzenhausen from 1808 and the rural community of Absberg from 1811, and from 1818 onwards The rural group of Thannhausen is incorporated.

↑ Eduard Vetter (ed.): Statistical handbook and address ebook for Middle Franconia in the Kingdom of Bavaria. ↑ A b Webpage of the municipality of Pfofeld (Memento of the original of December 10, 2008 on the web Archive) Info: The Archivlink has been used mechanically and has not yet been checked. ↑ After the Second World War (Memento of the original of October 7, 2019 on the internet Archive) Data: The Archivlink was used mechanically and has not but been checked. ↑ Historical past of the Brombachsee (Memento of the unique of September 25, 2015 on the web Archive) Info: The archive hyperlink has been used robotically and has not yet been checked. NN southwest of the Pollenfelder Kirchdorf Weigersdorf in the Pfütz. They symbolize an episode from the start of the twentieth century when a goat was to be led to the market and vehemently troubled. Water could be launched into the Regnitz, which is absorbed by the principle, to the sinking limit of 403.5 m via smaller tributaries. Both waters lead to the Rednitz, which the Regnitz, ended. The water runs through the Arnsberger Schambachtal, which continues some dry valleys, some of which are lengthy. After sailing declined and an increasing number of moorings that have been never fully rented remained free, the “Floating Village Brombachsee” challenge was launched within the harbor.

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